I'd been playing with the idea of putting together a collaborative cookbook for a while, but never knew quite how to organize it. With the introduction of the lockdowns during COVID-19 and the feelings of isolation that came with it, I thought now would be the best time to have an open call to let anyone interested to get involved.
I shared the open call on instagram and asked for those interested to send any kind of recipe with a corresponding illustration. The result I got was a wide variety of recipes, many of them centred around family traditions or memories of another time and place. And all of them look delicious.
Recipes from Lockdown: a collaborative digital cookbook is a 60 page PDF with 22 recipes from both friends and strangers.
The layout and illustrations for the cover and chapter breaks were done by me.

contributing artists:
Isabella Fasslet
Jenelle Lewis
Una Di Gallo
Yu Shin Wang
Loretta Ryan-Krawczyk
Odessa Coleman
Yannie Lo
Drew Shannon
Leah Kwak
Alicia Medeiros
Joan Lee
Vanny Teng
Mallory Taylor
Allegra Conty
Jacqueline Lai

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